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Healing therapies.

I offer the following therapies:

Body massage with oils:
a full body massage with warm oils including aromatherapy.

a soothing and realxing massage using essential oils in a special blend to suit your needs.

Seated acupressure massage:
an effective massage to loosen tight muscles and promote relaxation. You remain fully clothed.

Indian head massage
a gently but effective seated massage of the head, neck, back and arms to relax and sooth you. Offered with or without oils.

Thai hand and foot massage:
focuses on the feet, legs and hands including energy points to clear toxins and bring back balance.

Holistic face massage:
a gentle face massage to sooth and uplift using oils.

Hopi ear candling:
offered with face massage to clear earwax and release blocked sinuses.

a powerful therapy that releases toxins and energy blocks bringing back balance.

a trance state therapy, which helps you release negative patterns and behaviour.

Past life regression therapy:
using trance state similar to deep meditation, to explore your past lives.

Life coaching:
a practical therapy that clarifies your goals and helps you to achieve them. E Coaching is also offered.

Crystal healing:
using crystals, colour and sound to release tension and heal and balance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

originally a stress reduction technique from Japan, Reiki is an energy healing, which relaxes and balances you.

A powerful, yet loving, healing energy which focuses on the root cause rather than the surface symptoms. Working on all levels simultaneously it releases negative patterns and traumas.

working with your original spiritual blueprint and the 18 rays of the masters, Nem-Isis supports your healing, growth and ascension.

gently works on the heart chakra releasing old emotional patterns and bringing back balance.

works on the integration and acceptance of your shadow self. Assists self-awareness and self-development whilst healing.

offered on a one to one basis, by email or for groups of 4 – 8 people. Cost £25 (individual and email) and £22 each for groups.

therapy sessions last for an hour to an hour and a half. The cost is from £25 to £35 depending on the therapy. Discounts are offered to regular clients and as special offers from time to time.

For appointments or more information contact Ankhra on:
Mobile: - 07751 347681
Email: - ankhra_laan-ra@talk21.com

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