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Anubis-Ra© is an energy from the mystery schools in ancient Egypt from around the 18th dynasty. It focuses on the shadow self, clearing negative thought patterns, beliefs and values. It can help you release vows, contracts and agreements from past lives allowing you to come in to the full realisation of your highest self.

Working with primarily black and blue obsidian, Anubis-Ra©, which was rediscovered in 2008, brings your physical self and source self into alignment promoting inner peace and clarity.

At advanced level we also work with the runic system..

Casework is involved at all levels in order to build your confidence and strengthen your skills.

Anubis-Ra© compliments Isis-Ra© which works with the heart on physical and emotional levels and with the compassionate heart often associated with Kwan-Yin.

  Course dates

Anubis-Raİ is taught at 3 levels:

  • Practitioner - £175
  • Advanced - £200
  • Master practitioner- £250
  • Master teacher - £250.
Reiki 2 or any other energy system to practitioner level.  
Course dates

Courses are held for individuals and groups of 2 – 4 peoplet.

Course Venues

Glasgow - west end. Edinburgh - Gyle area.

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