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Holistic Face and Hand Massage

What it is:
  What it is
  What it does
  Course Content

This massage covers the face, neck, shoulders and hands. It is a pampering and relaxing massage, which can easily be added on to a body massage or facial. Crystal rods can be used to enhance energy balancing.

What it does:
The benefits include tighter face muscles, smoothing fine lines, relaxation, and relief of tension. Pressure points are used on the face and hands to release energy blocks and bring the body back in to balance.
Is offered as a one-day course with manual and no casework £105. Beginnersí welcome. A & P certificate needed for practitioner insurance.
Course Content:  

The course includes:

  • History of techniques.
  • Benefits and contraindications.
  • Energy points and zones.
  • Using crystal rods.
  • Client checklists and referrals.
  • Massage procedures & practical work.
Contact Ankhra Laan-Ra, Trainer, Krysalis Training, for details and bookings on
Mobile : 07751 347681
Email : ankhra_laan-ra@talk21.com
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