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What it is

Seikhem means spiritual might. It was one of the many systems of healing used in the temples in ancient Egypt in the early kingdom. It is especially connected to the Hathor temples, which focused on joy and abundance.

It is a powerful, effective channelled energy which focuses on the root cause rather than the symptoms.

Additionally on this course we work with the diamond ray and ascension energies. An initiation in to the energy of the sacred scarab is included at advanced level. Seikhem is for all those who seek it whether for personal healing or, in addition, to support others to heal.

What it does

Seikhem is an ascension energy that works on all levels simultaneously – mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. It is effective in clearing blocks to our growth and development. By dealing with the root cause, stuck patterns, beliefs and values can be cleared. Working with the person’s higher self, Seikhem vibrates on a soul frequency moving the person on in a supportive way.

  Training in Seikhem-Hathor®
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Training in Seikhem-Hathor

Seikhem – Hathor is taught in 4 levels, each with its own value and experiences. You do not have to take all levels to use Seikhem-Hathor effectively. As the energy is powerful it needs time to integrate. It is advised there is at least 3-months between levels and 3 to 6 months between master parts one and two. All courses are certified. A manual is provided. SMG insurable.

All lineages are welcome to join classes.

Course content

Level 1 & 2: - History and uses of Seikhem-Hathor. Working with the chakras and aura. Anatomy. Sacred symbols. Meditation. Psychic protection. Vow & contract breaks. Psychic/Personal development. Client care skills.

Advanced :- This level includes working with the diamond ray, crystals and sound. Working with advanced beings of. Light. Advanced level sacred symbols meditation & clearing. Past lives. The sacred scarab.

Master (1): - At this level sacred master symbols are received & used to heal all the energy bodies. The use of life coaching skills, client support & personal development is included.

Master (2): -. This level passes on the ability to initiate students and to teach. Group work skills, ethics and personal development are part of this level.

Students are offered ongoing support by email or mobile.

About the Practitioner

I worked in housing and social work for 15 years and believe in a holistic approach to healing. I teach Reiki, Indian head massage, holistic & crystal healing, Sa En Ankh Isis, Nem-Isis and Seikhem-Hathor. I’ve been involved in training and group work on various subjects for about 20 years. I’m a qualified master hypnotherapist.

I am a Usui/Tibetan, Karuna Reiki® & Seikhem Master/teacher, Isis Priestess, ascension therapist and Indian Head massage trainer.

I am a member of the holistic healers association. I studied Reiki & Karuna Reiki ® with William Lee Rand. I originally studied Sekhem® with Richard Venters, Sheila Caldwell & Vicki Rebecca. My own research, past life recall and travels in Egypt for the last 5 years developed Seikhem-Hathor.

Course Costs (no concessions)

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Course dates

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On Site training and therapies for projects & businesses undertaken.

Please note this is not the “Helen Belot system of Sekhem®”. Seikhem –Hathor is Egyptian ascension energy.

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