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Reiki means universal life force and the word is Japanese. It is a totally safe, non-intrusive hands on healing system suitable for all. It also compliments other therapies well such as massage and reflexology.

Rediscovered in the late 19 th century by Dr Mikao Usui, it is a way of channelling healing energy into the body through the practitioner.

Reiki balances, heals and harmonises the recipient in a holistic way on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level with the recipient at a higher level in charge of their own healing.

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About the practitioner
I studied Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki� with William Lee Rand, International Centre for Reiki Training. I am a registered Karuna Reiki � Master with the centre. I worked in housing and social work for over 15 years, coming into Reiki from a background of spiritual healing. I have run workshops for groups in various subjects for over 20 years.

I practice in Scotland & Egypt offering quality training. I take a holistic approach using my skills & intuition to support people's own healing and development.

My qualifications include Usui/Tibetan & Karuna � Reiki Master, Sekhem � Master, a B.A. (2:1 hons), an M.B.A. (Distinction) from Napier University, a certificate in Counselling skills and a certificate in Indian Head Massage from Savita Burke. I am a qualified trainer & master hypnotherapist.
Reiki plus Training
This IPTI accredited course for Reiki 1 & 2 includes a comprehensive manual & certificate. You will receive 2 attunements (level 1 & level 2) and learn the following. There is 1 month's self-healing for Reiki 2 certification. Group average = 6
  • The History of Reiki, what it is and does.
  • The levels of Reiki & the attunement process.
  • Hand positions for treating self and others.
  • Scanning, Beaming & Dry bathing techniques.
  • Eye & Breath Reiki (Japanese Reiki Techniques.)
  • Using your intuition & working with guides & angels.
  • Basic Meditation & stress reduction methods.
  • Chakras and the aura- an introduction.
  • Using Reiki with crystals, colour, sound (toning) & chakra dowsing- an introduction.
  • Distant, hands on & self-healing practice. Using the cosmic healing bank for others healing.
  • Personal development- your path & purpose..
  • Email support available to all students..

Reiki 1 & 2 -Gives you 3 symbols and enables you to practice and obtain insurance. ART- is Master practitioner level with one additional symbol.

ART/Master-Gives you 3 master symbols and allows you to initiate students and teach. 2 additional symbols are given.

Karuna Reiki� Practitioner/Master - For Reiki Masters. Karuna is Sanskrit for compassionate action and is a powerful system for healing using sacred symbols and sound. With this you can initiate students and teach.
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Course dates

Click here for course dates.

Other dates by arrangement. Karuna Reiki master 3 day workshops by arrangement.

**Please note a deposit & booking form are required to secure your place. Email, text & telephone bookings not accepted. Deposits are non-refundable. No transfers..

Venue: Theosophical society Glasgow, 17 Queens Crescent, St Georges Cross.

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