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Nem-Isis© is a Mayan ascension energy which works with crystal skulls and the diamond ray. It was also used in Atlantis and ancient Egypt as a means to progress spiritually.

There are 18 main symbols attached to this system, which is taught in 3 levels at the present time.

The energy works across the space-time continuum, past and future lives grounding you in the most powerful point- the now.

It works with the 5th level, 10th dimensional blueprint that is our perfect essence or I am presence.

From there you can make the changes you need to in order to move forward with your path and purpose.

This energy is primarily for personal growth in a spiritual sense but cannot help but assist our physical and emotional lives.

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It is not: -
Walking on water or through walls
Automatically beaming up
Suddenly becoming an ascended master with special gifts

Ascension can best be described as increasing your level of vibration beyond what you’ve experienced previously. It is a step up in spiritual terms and one you cannot go backwards from- you can’t “forget about” what happened and resume where you left off. You have to go on.

Each level of ascension has 12 parts within it. There is an aspect of you at each level. Each is a higher self. Eventually you integrate with your own source head or “I am presence”. You can communicate with all your soul aspects at any time. There are many levels of ascension. However, if you take this in the context of the 18 rays, you have 12 parts to each. You will be working with one ray in particular throughout your lifetime but you can ascend to use others.

Course Costs
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No concessions. Price includes a manual at all levels. Deposits are non-refundable.

Please note there is preparation work for advanced and master courses. There is casework to complete (all levels). Please call or email me before booking.

Course dates 2008
Courses are held in Glasgow at the Theosophical Society, St Georges Cross.

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Other dates by arrangement.

Venue: Theosophical society Glasgow, 17 Queens Crescent, St Georges Cross.
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