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Angel Wishes
  Angels are all around us. They are 7th dimensional beings of light and love who shower us with blessings every day. Angels are neither male nor female but carry both energetic frequencies. They love to help us and you only need to ask them. Even seemingly unimportant things can benefit from the help of angels.

We each have a guardian angel who is with us throughout our lifetimes. They love us unconditionally and guide us on our chosen path. They help us through the good and bad times.

Angels often send us little reminders of their presence as angel feathers, which are small white feathers. These seem to appear from nowhere when we are down and in need of comfort. I remember sitting in a café, watching the rain falling on the pavement outside and feeling blue. Suddenly, a small white feather floated down in front of me and landed on my table. I smiled, knowing the angels were around me, with their comforting presence.

Angels can also speak to us through books, the lyrics of a song or a conversation you may overhear by chance. I’ve often found the answer to a problem when a book nearly jumped off the shelf and I opened it at random. The answer was there for me. Sometimes people can deliver the messages of angels. We all have a friend or person we trust who comforts us when we need it most. Even when we don’t, there are friends in spirit who look after us. We are never left without support even if we don’t see it at the time. My granny regularly comes in to help with healing when I have a client although she passed over more than 20 years ago.

Sometimes, angels will come to you in the form of a colour or scent. Spirit guides often do this as well. However, we need to learn to be still to hear the messages. So often in our western culture we are only rewarded for doing rather than being. This is sad as we miss all the little hints and nudges from our spirit friends that would help us move forward gently. Instead, we often get “woken up” abruptly with things going wrong with our health, jobs and relationships instead.

We all matter and we are all of value to spirit. There is never a time when you don’t count. However, in our society, low self-esteem is prevalent. We value material things over the spiritual when the opposite is more rewarding in the long-term. What I’m meaning here is not a religious belief, although this is valid and can help some people, but a sense of place in the world and of who you really are. This isn’t about what you own or owe. It’s about the real you. Angels see who you really are and accept you no matter what. Whatever society says or does, you are perfect as you are to the angels.

Contacting your guardian angel - a meditation

Sit comfortably in a safe place where you will not be disturbed for half an hour. Light a candle and perhaps some incense. Play some restful music. Become aware of your out breath for a few moments as you look at the flame of the candle. When thoughts come up, imagine they are floating past you in white clouds. Don’t attach to them or follow them. Ask your guardian angel to join you and send them love in the form of pink light. Be aware of any images in the candle flame or sensations in your body. Write these down in a journal or notebook when you’ve completed the meditation.

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