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Shamanism and Shamans
  Shamanism has 4-core elements:
  1. Respect.
  2. Moderation.
  3. Balance
  4. Integrity

Shamans, depicted as “medicine men”, use ancient techniques, which are similar in places all over the world, to achieve healing for themselves and others. Shamanism is an ancient system of mind-body healing which is probably around 20 – 30 thousand years old.

Knowledge of shamanism and its techniques was passed down over generations as no written records were kept. It thrived in cultures, which had no modern medicine being an approach to power and healing to maintain health, strength and cope with illness .It was also a means to make sense of life experiences using a non-ordinary reality.

To perform their work, Shamans rely on personal power usually coming from a “guardian spirit” out of a spirit quest. The spirit guardian helps the shaman to have a strong power source and is often in the form of a “power animal.” This protects and serves the Shaman whose work involves transcending non-ordinary reality.

Shamans are, therefore, healers and seers, moving between realities, acting as a type of mediator to help people gain balance in their lives. Shamans are able to do this by linking ordinary and non-ordinary reality for healing tasks.

To be initiated as a shaman is having personal knowledge and clarity about spirit helpers, personal power being gained through practice and journeying. A master shaman does not challenge the validity of anyone’s experiences as shamanism is about respect for others, the self and mother earth.


Recommended reading: The way of the shaman by Michael Harner.

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