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Difficult Things


The following gives a guideline into dealing with difficult situations whether with individuals or groups.

  1. It's ok to make mistakes - we all do!
  2. No is a very powerful word. It draws boundaries for you and others. Don't be afraid to use it when necessary!
  3. Use "difficult people" as learning opportunities to build your skills and experience. Get them involved rather than sidelined and focus on the positive things they bring to you and to groups.
  4. Always be aware of and acknowledge:-
    - How am I feeling?
    - What does this person want and need right now?
    - How can I best resolve the situation?
  5. Stand back from individuals and groups to see the dynamics (I.E. detach) You can then see who are the informal leaders of the group and how you can use them to motivate the others.
  6. Defuse an angry situation by defusing yourself first. Take a break and stand back from the situation.
  7. Listen to what's being said before jumping in. This improves communication.
  8. Detach from the competition that can happen in some groups. Use it to motivate the group to achieve the tasks through your leadership.
  9. Boundaries are important. Draw these at the beginning of the individual or group session by getting the members themselves to agree on them through a "brainstorming" exercise. Revisit these "group rules" during the session if you need to.
  10. You don't have to put up with abuse - if reasonable boundary setting doesn't work -leave and get support!


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