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  What it is
Reiki means “ universal life force” and the word is Japanese. It is a totally safe, non-intrusive hands on healing technique suitable for all. It also compliments and can be used with other therapies such as reflexology. Rediscovered in the late 19th century by Dr Mikao Usui, it is a way of channelling healing energy into the body through the practitioner. Reiki balances, heals and harmonises the recipient in a holistic way on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

What it does
Our whole energy system is responsive to thoughts and feelings and the flow of energy can become blocked or disturbed through negative patterns. Reiki helps to unblock these energy channels and clears and balances the chakras, heals the auric field and allows energy to flow freely through the energy pathways. Reiki helps the body to heal itself and is guided by a higher intelligence. It can be used on plants, animals and humans and does no harm.

Case studies
To illustrate the power of Reiki, here are some case study examples. Each person’s experience of Reiki will differ but you get what you need. Reiki will also deal with the priority, and this may be emotional rather than physical. In this way, the root cause can be healed. It is also possible to send a distant healing to people or situations anywhere with Reiki.

Client A – Presented emotional issues of low self-esteem & confidence. Physical issues included IBS. Psychological issues within a fear of heights & falling. After treatments over a few weeks, the client’s mood & wellbeing improved. The fear of heights & falling manifest in dreams had ceased. Past life access was used to get to the root cause of the issue. The IBS had also improved as well as the feeling of being stuck in a rut.
Client B –A lovely dog who had physical problems of a heart complaint & arthritis. Over a number of weeks treatments revealed dietary issues, which were addressed, his breathing improved & The need to use painkillers reduced and his ability to walk improved greatly.
Client C – Client felt “haunted” & a victim. Issues in his career & life purpose. Used drugs. Low self-esteem. Past life issues revealed the root cause. Treatments resulted in him coming off drugs, higher self-regard and a new job!

Usui/Tibetan Reiki
This system of Reiki uses traditional Usui Reiki but taught in a modern context. The attunement is similar to the traditional one, but shorter and, from experience clearer, as additional symbols are used in the process. .

Under this system, Reiki 1 and 2 are taught together under the guidelines set by William Lee Rand, international centre for Reiki training. His website can be accessed on www.reiki.org. It was not unknown for Mrs Takata, lineage bearer after Dr Usui, to teach the two levels together.

Many individuals energy vibration is above Reiki 1 level today, therefore it is appropriate to combine the two levels. Reiki is a natural Ki or Qi energy.Having the two levels means students can self heal and use distant healing straight away without having to wait for several months.

Preparation for taking a Reiki course need not be difficult. A simple detox by cutting down on commitments, relaxing more and reflecting on what you’d like to change is ideal. Cutting down on cigarettes, alcohol and processed food if you can would also help your body detox. An open mind and a willingness to learn new skills are the most important things to bring to a class. There is a 21 day clearing process after any Reiki attunement. This is also an opportunity for your body and energy system to have a spring clean.

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