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Products from Krysalis Training

Crafts and Healing tools


 Contemplations on nature- a collection of shamanic journeys

A set of 24 illustrated cards, contemplations in nature. These beautiful cards are a tool to help with readings, personal development and reflection. They come with their own guidebook, with additional contemplations in it, and a pouch so you can carry them with you.

Cards and guidebook £10 (plus postage and packing UK £1.50)

 110 power quotes mini booklet

An illustrated booklet of thought provoking and empowering quotes. These are ideal as a daily focus for personal development and meditation. They also make great small gifts for friends and family.

Quotes booklet £1.50 each (plus postage and packing 50p UK)

Meditation CD’s

  1. The Energy of Karnak- discovering past lives. A guided meditation to help you discover your past/future lives
  2. Mysterious Moon- a guided earth healing meditation.
  3. Shamanic Quest- working with power animals in a guided meditation.
  4. Diamond Light- a guided chakra healing meditation using the diamond ray.

  Each CD is £10 plus £1.50 p & p (UK).shortly.

Meditation CD's - In MP3 format - Download

Mysterious Moon - An earth and personal healing meditation using the power and imagery of a stone circle. Add to Cart
The Energy of Karnak - A meditation to discover your past lives using the energy and imagery of Karnak temple in Egypt Add to Cart
Diamond Light - A powerful ascension meditation using the diamond ray. Add to Cart
Shamanic Quest - A medatative collection of shamanic journeys with power animals. Add to Cart

Embrace the shadow- a collection of short fictional stories available on Amazon Kindle or as a booklet from Ankhra for 2.99 or click here to connect to Amazon Kindle.


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