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Crystal Grids
  1. Choose 6 quartz (single terminator) crystals.
  2. Cleanse, charge and programme them to work for healing and the light.
  3. Choose a large pyramid (quartz, obsidian, selenite, amethyst). Cleanse, charge and programme it..
  4. Choose a tapered crystal such as a laser or lemunrian quartz. This is your master crystal. Cleanse, charge and programme it.
  5. Arrange the crystals with the pyramid in the centre and the six single terminator quartz pointing inwards.
  6. Join the grid with the master crystal saying, “I programme this grid to heal for the light” Do this 3, 6 or 9 times.
  7. You can use symbols from any energy system to charge the grid.
  8. Power the grid weekly.
  9. Add other things in to the grid such as crystals, stones, shells, feathers, as you wish.
  10. Your grid will heal and clear your space.
  11. If a crystal ever breaks or cracks deeply, bury it as it has finished its work and needs to be returned to the earth.

Other crystal grid configurations:-

  1. Ankh - 9 crystals.
  2. Medicine Wheel - 4 large and 16 small crystals.
  3. Tetrahedron (star of David)- 1 large and 6 small crystals.
  4. Infinity sign- 18 crystals.
  5. Cross -5 crystals.
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