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Dream Analysis
  1. Get yourself a small colourful notebook and pen. Keep these by your bed so you can record your dreams easily when you wake up.
  2. Write out the dream in full – remember all the details no matter how trivial or strange they may seem.
  3. Now write a shortened version of the dream highlighting the main points – 3 or 4 lines is enough.
  4. Identify the key object in the dream. This can be a person, place or object. This may have appeared throughout the dream or for most of it.
  5. Ask what this object, place or person represents. Don’t think about this – just write it down.
  6. Become each object, place or person in your dream and write out the message from each. Again use your first thoughts. (eg I am the car in your dream and I’ve come to help you let go of the past and drive into the future)
  7. Rewrite the dream with the ending you want, given the information you have now.

Happy Dreaming!

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